We aim to develop relationships with our clients, to help their business grow. Our solutions help clients in the long term, not just solve short term issues. Your success is our success, so why would we stop at only helping you for the short term.

We provide a high quality level of service. We can provide advice and suitable suggestions after we have had a thorough discussion and assessment of your protection needs. In order to do this, we complete a detailed factfind about your financial situation, including incomes, commitments, assets and liabilities. 

Some people may be attracted to extremely low cost insurance products and don’t care about the quality of the cover. The higher cost usually reflects the level of risk. History repeatedly shows, that the insured will pay the higher cost eventually. For many people, insurance terms are difficult to understand, with our professional knowledge and experience we can explain and find products that suit your needs, saving you time and money.

General Insurance

Insurance is a way of protecting yourself, your family and your assets against particular adverse events; for example, a fire or losing your income because of illness. If this happens, the insurer will pay out an agreed amount, or an amount to cover the damage, as appropriate.

The unexpected always happens, are you willing to take these risks? The most decisive factor is whether your family can bear the serious financial consequences of the event. Sometimes, the financial loss is significant, affecting not just yourself but family members dependant on you. Are you willing to see your family lose their home? For businesses, some insurances are compulsory by law and where the claim of compensation may be a large amount. This is out of the financial capacity of a normal business.

Insurance Products

We are Prosperity Solutions are specialists in the following types of insurances:

  • Shop insurance
  • Term Life
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical
  • Residential Insurance

Delivering Professional Services You Can Trust

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