We aim to develop relationships with our clients, to help their business grow. Our solutions help clients in the long term, not just solve short term issues. Your success is our success, so why would we stop at only helping you for the short term.

With thousands of schemes available and required criteria updated daily. We apply our professional skill to match up borrowers and lenders criteria, saving time and money to secure the mortgage application. 

To do this, we assess the borrower’s situation and needs before recommendations are made. A keyfact sheet about our mortgage services and keyfact illustration mortgage documents will be provided detailing key terms, interest rates and all costs clearly. 

A mortgage may last for over 20 years or more, a small interest rate difference can cost a lot of money in the long run. A professional mortgage advisor will get you better interest rate margins as well as better success rates in securing the mortgage application. Thats why choosing a trustworthy and reliable mortgage adviser is very important.

Residential Home Mortgage

Interest rates and fees charged by lenders have been historically volatile. The whole residential mortgage market is now well controlled by Uk authorities and lenders need to follow a prudent affordability assessment. This means a self-certification mortgage is no longer available and fast track mortgages are under strict conditions. Authorities have set up procedures and connections to track down fraudulent documents. Lots of people that go to lenders directly are rejected. There are many reasons for this and may mean that they lose out on their valuation fee. To make matters worse, this results in a rejection records on their public credit file which may affect their credit score and later applications.

Buy-to-Let Mortgage

As Buy-to-let mortgages are not a regulated mortgage contract by the FCA (except Consumer Buy-to-let). Lending criteria is substantially different from normal home lending. It is a form of commercial lending and the fees and interest rates are higher than normal residential mortgages.

The maximum loan amount may be up to 85% of the property valuation (may fluctuate depending on the economy) and is normally restricted by rental income; the higher the rental income (assessed by professional valuer), the higher the loan amount. Buy-to-let mortgages should be self-financing. The normal criterion is that the rental income must be higher than 125%-150% of the mortgage interest payment. 

Your mortgage adviser can work out the estimated possible loan amount based on the expected rental income from the estate agent. They can also work out which lender may suit your property better as different lenders may impose restrictions on type of allowed tenancy agreements or tenants. For example, many lenders do not allow student lets and tenants claiming social benefits.

Delivering Professional Services You Can Trust

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